What is a franchisor?

Terminology within the franchising industry can seem confusing to newcomers.

We want prospective franchisees to have a clear understanding of the franchise industry, including all the jargon, before they start their franchise adventure. Therefore, we have launched this ‘franchising principles’ series so that you are fully informed. In this piece, we will answer “what is a franchisor?”

The term franchisor refers to the company that allows the franchisee to use its brand, products and processes when running a business – effectively they are the parent company of a franchise. Whereas, the franchisee is an individual who purchases the right to operate the franchise under the franchisor’s name and business model – effectively a franchisee is the MD of a franchise.

What is the role of a franchisor?

Their role can be varied dependant on the type of franchise arrangement or the agreement between the 2 parties. Generally speaking, a franchisor will have a mainly strategic and where necessary support role. From the outset, the franchisor will charge the franchisee an up-front fee for the right to use their business name, operating systems, marketing materials and other services. The franchisor will usually be an expert organisation in their field. Therefore, they can act as mentors – helping you develop your presence and aid you in strategic growth.

A Just Shutters franchise

Just Shutters offer a fantastic opportunity for ambitious individuals or partnerships. We are the UK’s leading independent shutter network – as a result, we are indisputably the experts in the field. Therefore, we are fully equipped to guide you through the training and strategy that will make your franchise the leading shutter company in your area.

Being part of the Just Shutters Franchise Network means that you benefit from an established and much loved brand. Our reputation comes as a result of our commitment to customer service excellence. For example, we have been awarded a 9.9/10 rating on industry site Checkatrade. Not only will you benefit from this brand, but also the marketing element of the franchise package which includes SEO and web design.

Furthermore, to demonstrate our confidence in our franchisees we offer your franchise fee back! For more information about our package click here and watch the video below.

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