What is a Franchisee?

Transparency is key when venturing into franchising.

Therefore, our experts have put together several blogs to cut through the jargon and complex terminology. As a result, we can ensure that any prospective franchisee is fully informed! So, what is a franchisee? In short, it is you – the person(s) buying into a franchise.

The franchise business model is perfect for organisations that are looking for talented and driven individuals to grow the business. A franchise will invest their time and capital into a franchise, essentially becoming the MD of their franchise, which is beneficial to both parties involved.

The franchisee will be the boss of their franchise. As a result, they will bring their expertise and business acumen to the equation – resulting in a successful business venture. Therefore, the franchisee will not only be successful in their own right – but also aid the growth of the parent organisation.

Who else is involved in a franchise?

The other ‘party’ involved in franchising is the Franchisor, which in other words is the ‘parent company’. In other words, they allow their brand, products and processes to be used in the newly formed franchise. Whilst Franchisor roles vary greatly depending on the type of franchise bought into, they will still maintain a strategic role. They will work with the newly formed franchise to assist in it’s growth, offering a strategic guidance and operational assistance. Therefore, they can be seen as a mentor! Read more on their role by clicking here.

What is a franchisee at Just Shutters?

So, what is a franchisee at Just Shutters? We look for driven individuals or partnerships that are keen to succeed. Franchising with Just Shutters means that you will be your own boss, running your own territory.

The support that Just Shutters provides franchisees is second to none! We provide support and training on things such as:

  • Sales

  • Shutter fitting

  • Marketing (both traditional and digital marketing)

  • Lead generation

  • Branded Just Shutters van

  • Dedicated team on hand to offer assistance

As a result, our franchises have been incredibly successful. Click here to read some of our success stories.

Do you think that you would be a fantastic franchisee? Just Shutters would love to hear from you! Call us on 01202 233744 or alternatively use the form here to get in touch.

You can browse the availability of our territories for franchising by clicking here.

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