What inspired Terry and Hayley to franchise?

In their own words, their franchise experience.

Hayley and Terry Lancaster are a husband and wife team that set up Just Shutters Essex in 2016. In their own words, you get an honest appraisal of what franchising with us is like.

Four years in, how is it going?

Terry The main hope was that we would be busy enough to employ somebody by year three, and we did that in year two. Additional orders and recommendations have taken us to a new level. We definitely feel that we’re moving up and we are, we’re progressing, we’ve got future plans, as for where we are now, I actually feel we’re a little bit ahead of where we thought we would be.

Hayley People know our brand and are choosing us over the larger, somewhat faceless companies. We’re local, you know, real people and a genuine husband and wife run team.

What appealed to you about shutters as a product?

Hayley Our friends had shutters fitted, and we loved them so much we had them installed in our house. They finish the look of a room, they’re classy and timeless.

Shortly after, we learned of the Just Franchise Opportunity and decided to grab it with both hands.

Why did you choose a Just Shutters franchise?

Hayley What first attracted us to a Just Shutters franchise was that we could run our own business, but still have the support and the back office and the marketing, of being under a franchise umbrella.

Terry The fact that it was a family company was the number one thing. I’d already worked for a big company, where I felt sort of lost, so I didn’t want that again.

How would you rate the Business Support Just Shutters offer?

Hayley We’ve had really good help with the marketing side of things and also with the Business Support. We wouldn’t be able to do it without them. They’ve supported us, we’ve been able to grow because customers can ring up and know they can always speak to someone.

Terry The SEO, in particular, is world-class. That was a big plus point because it meant that we were confident that when people searched for us on Google, we were coming right at the top.

Did you have a background in franchising or the home improvements industry?

Terry No, I was an electrician for about nine years, and Hayley worked in the financial industry. We were ready for a change; you know, more control over our lives, more time for family and friends and we both wanted to run our own business.

Why did you choose to franchise rather than go it alone?

Hayley Too risky, so many start-ups fail in the first year.

Terry Yes and we’d miss out on the all the support. Honestly, I can’t say enough about how good the team are.

Would you recommend a Just Shutters Franchise?

Hayley It’s been the best thing we’ve ever done. And well, you should have no hesitation.

Terry I already have! Hertfordshire came up for sale a while ago, and I have a guy that I do a bit of work for. He expressed an interest in buying another company. He saw how successful we are, and he wanted some of that action.

What we saw in them

Chris They were extremely enthusiastic, and that’s something we can’t teach. With Terry’s innate sales skills and Hayley’s strong administrative and organisational skills, we knew they’d bring the complete package and be extremely successful.

Our franchisees are truly our best asset, and we are 100% committed to helping them succeed and grow.