Franchise Exhibitions in the UK

What you should know...

If you are looking to buy in to a franchise then one way to do research is at a franchise exhibition. This has its benefits (you can meet many franchisors in a day); and its limitations (not all companies you may be interested in will be in attendance).

There are many franchise exhibitions in the UK, some large and furthermore, some smaller lesser known exhibitions. The larger franchise exhibitions usually have the well known brands alongside some small to medium sized companies together. The smaller franchise exhibitions will usually have a selection of SME offerings.

Franchise exhibition events, talks and opportunities

As well as exhibitors, the larger franchise exhibitions will showcase opportunities, put on talks, demonstrations and presentations from leading industry speakers. This can be very useful for those starting out on their franchise journey.

Again, at larger franchise exhibitions there are meeting areas, cafe’s and networking rooms. These can be particularly helpful if you are arranging meetings with select franchisors throughout the event.

Meeting franchisors at franchise exhibitions

When seeking franchise opportunities it is very easy to default to the online searches, however nothing beats meeting franchisors face to face. Remember, that while the business model is key, building a good working relationship and buying into the brand ethos is equally as important when investing in a franchise opportunity.

A franchise exhibition will allow you to meet lots of potential franchisors under one roof. It allows you to meet some of the key franchise staff. You will be able to ask questions and see how the company operates.

Meeting franchisors after the franchise exhibition

After the event it is always worthwhile meeting some of the companies you have liked at the exhibition, at their own premises. This will help you get an even better understanding of their day to day operations.

Take questions and allow yourself the time you need to make the decisions. This is one of the biggest decisions of your life, franchisors should allow you the space and time you need.

Ask to speak to current franchisees and staff members. This gives you insight into life as a franchisee.

Do your own research outside of the exhibition

Aside from the franchise exhibitions, research other opportunities as well as further research any you may have found at an exhibition. A company’s online presence tells you a lot. If it has great online marketing then chances are your new franchise will benefit from this also.

It can also be tempting to rush. After a franchise exhibition things are exciting, you may be called and pushed. Just give yourself thinking and research time, and decent franchisor will respect how big a decision this is for you.

Just Shutters franchise opportunity

If you are considering franchise opportunities we would like to introduce you to our own; Just Shutters franchise opportunity. We are regularly at exhibitions and would be delighted to meet you there, or arrange a convenient time for you to visit us at our Sales and Franchise Support Office, where you can see the heart of our team and operations.

Please call us on 01202 233744 or request our franchise prospectus here.

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