Franchise direct with us

We look at the benefits of cutting out the middleman….

There are many benefits to this approach, here is why you should franchise direct with us:

1. A personal approach to franchising from day one

It is our personal approach that helps enquirers really get a very quick feel of whether we are the right franchise for them. We like to meet with potential franchisees. Inviting you to our head office to see first hand our products, the work we do and most importantly our people.

It is the personal approach we take that enables us to offer each franchisee the best support, training and overall relationship for them. Some of our franchisees have never run a business. Some however are seasoned businesspeople that have never seen a shutter! While others come in with the belief ‘I am not a salesperson’… We work with each to ensure they are supported and encouraged in the areas they need. To be the best they can be, and of course to build the very best businesses.

2. Talk is cheap

If you have found us, you know our marketing is great. Anyone can stick an ad in a paper or spend thousands generating leads, and while we have selected advertising partners, we put much of our time and effort into our own strong presence and branding, for example our website organically overtook market leading Dalton’s business in 34 ‘franchise sale’ related search terms within 6 months of creation.

This hard work and dedication is part of what makes Just Shutters a sustainable success and it forms part of our offering to our franchisees, you too can benefit from our organic online presence and constant sustainable marketing investments.

3. Franchising direct = savings passed on to you

Paying vast amounts of money for names, leads, expos, data bases full of people that have some time in the last three years shown an interest in starting a business, all cost a fortune… Our sustainable, organic approach means we can keep franchise costs down.

So if you are looking through thousands of directory ads, not knowing which way to go, pick up the phone and talk to a real person who would be delighted to tell you more about franchising direct with us – 01202 233744, or you can browse our franchise prospectus by filling out the form on the contact page.

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