Franchise Conference a big success

Franchise conference a big success

Tuesday 17th October saw Just Shutters franchisees flock from all over the country, to the 2017 Franchise Conference. The conference was held at the beautiful Orchid Hotel Bournemouth. Just two miles from our Head Office and achieved 100% attendance.

Many franchisees and Head Office staff stayed at the hotel from the evening prior and were treated to a beautiful meal. Joined by special guests John Lewis of John Lewis of Hungerford and Non-Executive Director of Just Shutters, Alexander Jarvis of Blackbridge Cross Borders, and Nick Mayne of Arena Group (CustomWest), the night was a great bonding experience for all.

Start as you mean to go on

The day itself started on a high at 8:30am, with David Stansbury of Just Shutters Kent signing his franchise renewal. This comes after five successful years with us. This was followed by an equally joyful event as awards were presented to all our franchisees and salespeople who had hit £1MILLION and over in sales! These included; Chris Rocker Founder, Kate Papiernick Sales Designer Dorset, Andrew Cook Just Shutters South West Franchisee, David Stansbury Just Shutters Kent Franchisee, and Gene Astell Just Shutters Hertfordshire Franchisee.

The group enjoyed pulling the cork on a lovely bottle of red wine given to us by the CEO of Hillarys. To congratulate us on our new partnership with CustomWest.

After the red wine and croissants, it was all down to business! Everyone moved to the beautiful conference room where Victor Brown Franchise Sales Manager, had prepared a whole host of helpful presentations.

Passionate talks by a variety of speakers

A wonderful, insightful and passionate talk from the inspiring John Lewis started proceedings. John’s story of growing John Lewis of Hungerford PLC; from the passion of a young boy craftsman working on his mothers kitchen – through to floating a legendary brand decades later, gave us all a real understanding of what it means to put heart in to every part of your business.

Chris Rocker, Founder, continued the day with a look back at the foundations of Just Shutters. As well as the DNA our company is based on. Taking us all back to the roots of where our much loved brand began, with an honest and heartfelt account, really resonated with the room. Connecting with the journey of Chris, the franchisees had a real sense of how to achieve their own success and what is truly possible for themselves.

Alexander Jarvis of Blackbridge Cross Borders was next introduced by his close friend and our Marketing Manager, Charlotte Fantelli. Alexander gave a motivating speech discussing his personal journey; from selling his first successful business at the age of 19, to how he has gone on to become a leading figure in cross border investment worldwide and Premiership Football Club sales. His diverse career and insight into keeping a sharp mind and eye on goals, gave franchisees a motivational boost.

After a brief interlude for coffee and cakes, Nick Mayne of Arena Group (CustomWest) was up! Nick helpfully discussed our new partnership with them. As well as what our franchisees can expect. Following this, Victor Brown opened the room for discussions on personal numbers. As well as progress and franchisee network interaction.

Marketing masterclass

Charlotte Fantelli Managing Director of Branded Video Production and Marketing Ltd and our very own Just Shutters Marketing Manager, gave a marketing masterclass. Discussing the importance of marketing from a business owner’s point of view and engaging customers to sell! Charlotte gave demonstrations of her own experiences ranging from her film that premiered in Leicester square, to her business Partnership with successful entrepreneur Simon Dolan.

Charlotte discussed her partnership with Chris from day one and how they marketed Just Shutters from the very beginning. From designing the logo to corporate colours, brand identity, websites and adverts; to now seeing a Just Shutters presence in over 160 towns and cities and seeing the brand on TV! Our franchisees had lots to take away from her insights on how to grow their businesses through marketing. As well as offering further support moving forward.

Sharing success

After a lovely lunch the team grouped for insights in to each franchisee’s performance. As well as a sharing of success stories to help each other’s businesses. Followed by an excellent product talk from Victor Brown himself; which gave everyone deeper knowledge of our quality products as well as useful sales tools.

Victor continued to conduct the proceedings effortlessly by presenting the next wave of exciting masterclasses; from Jasmin Pottle our Showroom Manager, came a systems training presentation, to help our franchisees make the very most of our exceptional bespoke technologies. Simon Osterloh our Managing Director was next in line to inspire our franchisees. He gave wisdom and guidance to help and motivate across the franchise network. His direction and focus was matched by his authoritative delivery that left each one of our franchisees with a real sense of direction and purpose.

Marcin Rogaluk, Just Shutters Master Fitter, gave an expert presentation on shutter installations. He also gave a real hands-on demonstration of how to overcome tricky fitting issues our franchisees may come across. Of course each franchisee has these training exercises before they become shutter experts themselves. However, Marcin and Jasmin both gave renewed and in depth-discussions and gave our franchisees opportunities to ask further questions.

An exciting exclusive…

Furthermore, the day ended with an unveiling of a new and exclusive product range. The Coastal Range, inspired by our roots on the Jurassic coast, and the fact we now cover over 1800 miles of the UK coastline, is an exciting addition to our franchisee sales package. Presented by Victor Brown and Charlotte Fantelli, the exclusive range delighted the room and will be available from 2018.

Stuart Keasley of Black Flag TV Ltd and Branded Marketing filmed the whole event. Watch this space for videos…

Thank you to Victor Brown for his organisation. Assisted by Jasmin Pottle and Charlotte Fantelli. Thank you to all who came; our fabulous speakers, as well as the brilliant hospitality of the Orchid Hotel. Additionally, a big thank you to all our franchisees for your very positive feedback of the day!