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Business savvy women getting into franchising

Just Shutters offers the perfect franchise opportunity for women looking to start their own business. Women make up 30% of franchise owners in the UK. This means that the 70% majority are still men. However, overall women only account for just 18% of SME owners which shows that business-savvy women are opting to take the franchise route.

Women in franchising

What is great to see is that women in business are crossing all industries. Furthermore, now even the most male dominated trades of yesteryear are opening their doors (and minds) to the qualities, skills and talents of women. You just have to visit the BFA website to see that from fitness to forensic science; logistics to house maintenance, women are achieving great things in the franchise world.

Just Shutters has a history of encouraging strong women into roles across the overall business. We were in fact the first company to train and employ a female shutter fitter. With our training and support Kate has become one of the very best shutter fitters and designers in the UK. What is more, customers adore her attention to detail and feminine touch. We now have other very successful female shutter fitters as well as women in sales and management.

Marketing manager Charlotte Fantelli says ‘Just Shutters offers the perfect environment to flourish whatever your gender and background. I have always been encouraged and supported for my talents. I enjoy seeing other strong women around me in what would traditionally have been male dominated roles, especially the shutter fitting. We would all love to see more women coming on board as franchisees.’

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If you are an entrepreneurial person (of any gender) looking for a challenge in which you get to be your own boss, build something of great value for your future, whilst being supported by an experienced team, call Just Shutters franchise team on 01202 233744 or request a brochure by filling out the form on the contact page for more information.

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