Plantation Shutters a booming market opportunity

Plantation Shutters are a booming market opportunity

Homes across the UK are moving away from curtains, nets and blinds. Instead, hailing the rise of super stylish Plantation Shutters. These beautiful window coverings are both practical and visually appealing; ticking many boxes for the discerning homeowner. It is therefore no wonder shutters are a booming market opportunity.

Shutters are a booming market

Just Shutters know very well just how many people are embracing interior shutters; seeing 30% – 90% increases year-on-year. At the forefront of the trend, Chris Rocker, founder of Just Shutters tells us; ‘people fall in love with shutters because of the way they look. Enhancing light in their home, getting rid of cumbersome fabrics or tatty net curtains! However once they have shutters they keep falling in love; with their quality, the privacy, the value and all-round practicality. So many people are now repeat customers who have more windows done or move house. Once you’ve had shutters you just wont go back.’

Affordable luxury

When Just Shutters started a decade ago, shutters were perhaps still considered a ‘luxury’ product. Their presence in designer homes, interior magazines and top boutique hotels made them desirable but seemingly unattainable for many homeowners. Now however their availability and affordability has proven popular among all sorts of domestic dwellings; from manors and mansions, to town houses, flats and apartments. This has contributed to why shutters are a booming market opportunity.

Considered a long lasting, hardwearing, quality alternative to curtains and blinds; shutters do not fade, warp or bleach in the sun. Furthermore, they offer privacy, security and long term value for money. Additionally, ours come with Just Shutters they come with a lifetime guarantee; something all our franchisees find a huge selling point.

But don’t just take our word for it…

The Times article ‘Plantation shutters are Britain’s window dressing of choice’ states ‘There is a small revolution going on outside your window. Or perhaps inside your windows, depending on whether you have embraced the trend. In homes up and down the country, plantation shutters — permanent, wooden, slatted, most often in optical white — are stealing a march on traditional curtains and blinds.’

The article tells of the 35% year on year increase in Plantation Shutter sales, a market that boasted these yearly increases whilst the country was gripped by a recession, not many products have such a claim to fame. Just Shutters grew fast and organically throughout the times of austerity and from humble family beginnings ten years ago, can now boast a Just Shutters presence in over 110 towns in the UK.

Andrew Cook of Just Shutters South West in an interview here tells us how he knew shutters were a ‘growing market’ and how he wanted to come on board with Just Shutters. Andrew has just renewed his franchise contract after his initial five years and continues to grow his thriving business with us – see here.

So, if you would like to be part of the shutter revolution and become a Just Shutters business owner, please call us on 01202 233744 or download our brochure on this page.


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