New year new business

New Year New Business – Top tips to start your own business this New Year

Resolve to change your life this New Year by starting your own business for 2018!

New Year New Business

There is no better time to make a life change than right now – this is true whatever time of the year it is, however January often strengthens our resolve to make a change. In this blog post we give you our top tips to start your own business this New Year and see its success soar for many more to come.

If you are interested in starting your own business this New Year, a Just Shutters Franchise could offer you the perfect solution – please call 01202 233744 or fill in the form on this page.

1) Be courageous

To make a life change takes courage, pure and simple. Everyone dreams about running their own business or writing a book or making a film for example, however when compared to a secure job and regular income it carries risks and sacrifices, therefore before the concept of the ‘what’ even exists you must muster the courage to explore the somewhat unknown path of entrepreneurship.

How a Just Shutters franchise can help – while you must alone have the courage to change direction in your life, a Just Shutters franchise offers a path well trod when it comes to business, with a successful proven model and years of franchise experience we can metaphorically speaking provide you with a good pair of walking boots, some hedge trimmers and a torch!

2) Chose a good business model

There are so many business ideas and options out there you may have a well honed concept, you may be completely open to new ideas. What is most important to think about in business is profitability.

While of course moral, charitable and personal aims are very well and great to incorporate into your business plan, a business is a separate entity entirely with the aim to grow profitably any investment you make – both in terms of time and/or money.

How a Just Shutters franchise can help – our proven business model is built on the concept of profitability with customer service and ethical values at its core. We have years of building businesses with our franchisees and helping them achieve their business (and personal) goals though our franchise opportunity.

Business Plan

3) Plan well and don’t procrastinate

Every business needs a great solid plan. There are two tips here: a) plan for every eventuality – what if cash flow is interrupted, what if an order falls through etc. etc… And b) don’t get bogged down by a. So many people get caught up in the planning stage they forget to jump into the doing stage, it is a balance but once you can answer the basic questions and have an idea of cash-flow, start ‘proving’ the plan as soon as possible.

How a Just Shutters franchise can help – the plan is in place, tried and tested, you just need to set your goals and we can show you how best to achieve them, stage b is waiting for you to jump aboard!

4) Be courageous

Yes back to the courage, the transition from planning to doing can be a scary one and one that takes a leap of faith. Parting with cash, giving up a job or any other big life change that you will need to make to move through this transition can be daunting. Keep your focus upon your goals and take stock in your well laid plans – then jump in!

5) Jump out of that plane and build yourself a parachute (the doing)

I love the quote ‘being an entrepreneur is like jumping out of an aeroplane and learning to build a parachute on the way down’.  Once you have made the leap from planning to doing your life will be full from morning until night. A top tip here is passion! Hold on to the aspects of your new business you love and allow the excitement carry you through this exciting and very hard working time.


How a Just Shutters franchise can help – when you start up on your own you will undoubtedly be the administrator, salesperson, tea lady and toilet cleaner – and everything else in between. Buying into a franchise will allow you the freedom and flexibility to focus on making sales and creating happy customers. You will be given all you need to be on the road and making sales from the start. Your calls are handled, your diary managed, marketing launched and training and support given. You will not be alone. Although you may still have to make your own tea, unless of course you visit HQ, then we will make that for you too!

6) Settle in for the ride – get used to hard work

Just when you think your feet can touch the ground you realise there’s more hard work to be done. The first year is crucial for any business. Anyone who plans the ‘hockey stick’ cash flow situation where by month 6 they will be a millionaire and their 30 staff will be running the business while they holiday in the sun is heading for a stark surprise. No-one but no-one has this experience in business. Not Branson or Bannatyne or Gates, and sadly not you! (Please feel free to email us if you do and I will publicly apologise and ask for your secret).

Settle in for the ride because hard work really is the way a business grows – hard, rewarding, tiring, exciting, WORK.

How a Just Shutters franchise can help – we really have been there, entrepreneurial hard working people run our business, we understand long days, customer queries, nagging emails, the lot! We are here as a support, as mentors and as a network you can rely on throughout the hard work. We also take a lot of weight of your shoulders with our management services.

7) Mindset – Ask for help, learn from mistakes and build your business

I like to think of problems as hurdles not as brick walls. If we adjust our mindset to believe in our own success, the journey towards it becomes much more straight forward. When things don’t go your way learn from it. Sometimes the best lessons come from getting something wrong, but don’t be afraid to ask for help. Did you know 9X more businesses succeed when they have a mentor than without.

How a Just Shutters franchise can help –  we are always a phone call away. We understand your business because it is our business. We will provide you fantastic training and also solid on-going support and mentorship.

Repeat stages 4 -7 again and again until you have a thriving business

You will need courage and hard work in many ways to grow and succeed in business. But when you do you will have something of your own. A legacy. A fulfilled dream of becoming your own boss and all the benefits that come with it!

Whatever your goals, whatever your business we wish you a prosperous 2018, please call us on 01202 233744 for more information on a Just Shutters franchise. Or fill out the form on the contact page to learn more.