Low cost franchise

Low cost franchise

Are you looking for a low cost franchise? An opportunity with all the benefits of working with a great brand with excellent recognition, systems and support? We have just such an opportunity for those who are looking for great value for money and return on their investment.


Low cost franchise


Low cost franchise verses a good value franchise

Firstly we must look at the very big difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘good value’ These are two very different things and we certainly fall into the second category.

When investing in any business there will be associated costs; there is no getting away from the cost of tools, equipment, personal and personnel training and advancement, IT systems, websites and marketing, and much more! These costs are often less when buying into an existing franchise than when starting alone. This is great, however, do not be fooled by ‘cheap’ franchise promises! To ensure a successful business launch you have to spend money in the right areas.

Just Shutters have years of experience when launching franchisees in new areas. We now cover over 165 towns in the UK. Furthermore, our franchisees enjoy the benefit of our tried and tested systems, marketing and management. While our fees are very reasonable and offer great value, we do not scrimp in any area that will advance you! Growing your business and the long-term success of our relationship is key.

Low cost franchise figures

If you are looking to invest in a franchise you will likely be aware that there are opportunities that range from very ‘cheap’ to very expensive. To be very clear, our franchise opportunities start at £25,000+ VAT depending on your area (please see franchise territories available). The average Just Shutters new start up franchise will cost £27,000+VAT. Additionally, our larger territories and/or existing businesses start at £40,000+ VAT. While these sums fall in to the low cost end of franchise investment, you get a great deal for your money.

With us you will have full training, access to a beautifully branded vehicle, our head office functions. We take calls, keep your calendar, book appointments, follow leads and more! A superb marketing launch and on-going support is included. This includes; your own part of our expertly optimised website, management support, tools, sales kit, an exclusive territory, all literature, custom clothing and much more…

Hit the ground running

We spend your franchise fee on making your business as successful as possible, our refined business model enables us to spend so effectively we know that if you were to start a similar business from scratch you could not come close to the value of the start up fee. This is why we believe we offer not only a low cost franchise, but the best value franchise possible.

We would be delighted to tell you more, please call us on 01202 233744 or fill in the form on this page for a free franchise brochure and full breakdown of where your fee goes. To browse our available franchise availability please click here.