Just Shutters Kent wins Ward Homes contract

Just Shutters Kent wins Ward Homes contract



On seeing new homes being built in his local area, David Stansbury of Just Shutters Kent seized the opportunity to do business.

“I introduced myself to the sales lady and did a leaflet drop,” explains David. His initiative paid dividends and on spotting a further opportunity to use shutters on one particularly overlooked property, he explained the Just Shutters solution to the area sales manager.

“It was really overlooked in one area and shutters were the perfect solution,” David explains. The area manager saw the benefits and after weeks of vetting by the Ward Homes division of the much larger Barratt Homes group, David was given the go-ahead to install.


Further encouragement came when people viewing the property during the installation made an offer on the building. “I like to think the shutters clinched it!” David said.


The good news doesn’t stop there: the first people to move onto the site, just a couple of plots from where David was working, came to see what he was doing. On seeing the quality and service provided, they too have put in an order.



David says he is “hopeful about the future. After working with big companies, I know how hard it is to get approved, but now I am on the vendors’ list I look forward to seeing what happens. There are lots of other builds in the area and neighbouring counties with the same company”.


David’s initiative paid off and we congratulate him on his achievement.