How to finance a franchise

How to finance a franchise

So you want to take the next steps to a bright future? Start your own business, to be in control of your own destiny. Your hard work reaping the rewards for your family? This is a prospect many revel in, but for a large number of these there can be one big hurdle, or perceived hurdle, standing in the way – financing. Here we look at how to finance a franchise, to help you follow your dreams.

how to finance a franchise

In austere times many can be put off embarking on a new venture. Believing it is hard, even near impossible to obtain finance. With a Just Shutters franchise this is not so, and here’s how we can help you gain the finance you need to build your business with us…


As Bfa members we have solid credibility with lenders

As a member of the Bfa (the British Franchise Association) we have been thoroughly vetted for our financial credibility; our accounts have been scrutinised, our facts, figures and projections backed up. Furthermore this give us credibility with finance providers and franchisees alike. Giving them and also our franchisees the solid assurances as they look to finance.


Experienced franchise management who will help with business plans and figures

We can help you format the cash-flow and business plan that banks will need to see. Along with our already pre-approved figures and information. Additionally, we can help you put together all the required information financiers look for.


Our trading history and successful existing franchisees


It is very difficult for new businesses to gain funding. However, franchises have the added benefit of being part of a business with trading history, accounts as well as a proven business model.


Banks have something solid to look at with a franchise; records of others building the same business as part of the same brand and successfully turning a profit very quickly. What is more, proven figures can make a huge difference in finance applications.


Successfully helping our existing franchisees


We have helped many of our existing franchisees gain the additional support and funding they have needed to start and grow their Just Shutters franchise, we will use our experience to help you in every way we can, when you decide to become a Just Shutters franchisee.


So, from being pre-approved, pre-checked and having the credibility of the Bfa, to helping you with business plans, facts, figures and credible cash-flow projections, we can assist franchisees with the entire process.


If you would like to talk to us further about how we can help you obtain funding for our franchise opportunity, please call us on 01202 233744 or fill in the form on this page and we will be delighted to help you further.