Google AdWords campaign provides net gains for franchisees

Adwords provides net gains for franchisees



Published September 2012


Just Shutters realises the importance of providing ongoing support to members of its network, especially in key areas where they might lack previous experience, such as marketing. To this end, Just Shutters works with leading consultants in SEO, digital marketing and Google Adwords to their website visitors by harnessing the power of Google AdWords.


Just Shutters Google Search


Google AdWords gets websites to the top of searches in the shape of a more prominent sponsored link on the Google search results pages. You create a simple advert and choose keywords and phrases related to your business. When someone uses those keywords when searching, your advert appears, including a link to your website.

Chris Rocker said:
“We’re pleased with results of our digital marketing efforts, the business has changed even in a short period of time and many people are using digital searches more than the traditional Yellow Pages approach of a few years ago, it’s an ongoing project and we’re hopeful of further improvements in search engine traffic. Ultimately, of course, it’s about generating many more sales for members of our franchise network.”

Members of the network are also promoted on the main Just Shutters website, as well as local shows, adverts and editorial in local media. They also have their own micro website featuring their local phone number and a personalised promotional video. The Google AdWords campaign is now helping to drive traffic to these locally targeted sites and landing pages are appropriately optimised to maximise their quality score.


Chris added: “We have an SEO strategy to build the page organic search results of the landing pages, while the pay-per-click is active from the very beginning. Marketing can involve a fair measure of trial and error. We’re constantly testing and measuring new ways to market the Just Shutters brand and the products and services members of our network offer in their regions. Those activities that work are rolled out to the network. That local focus is very important, of course, but our marketing activity via a variety of pillars continues to generate leads and attract new customers.”

2015 update – Just Shutters dominates the digital marketing space, having established coveted top-spot position in search engines for all franchisees so far, we use all the available technology and marketing avenues – Search engine optimisation, Adwords, Remarketing and social media – to ensure a prominent online presence for all our franchisees.


Charlotte Fantelli Marketing manager says ‘looking back at this post written in 2012 it is clear what a forward thinking company Just Shutters has always been. When people were still relying on print media and directories the Rockers were already investing in a fabulous SEO and digital marketing strategy. This investment and trial and error means they have the value of experience passing on to any new franchisees the benefit from this.’


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