Coatings that make you money!

Coatings that make you money!


Just Shutters proudly offer their customers Britain’s widest selection of high quality Plantation Shutters, boasting an ever extending choice of additional finishes, coatings and options to personalise these eye-catching bespoke window coverings. Unique to Just Shutters, are the hygienilac and the fire retardant coatings, which both come at only a 10% extra cost and widen the market as they are attractive options for buildings with more of a commercial purpose.

Shutters and Chairs

The hygienilac coated Plantation Shutters provide customers with the peace of mind that their environment is safe and germ free, preventing bacteria’s access to nutrients and starving them until they die. The hygienilac coating has a kill rate of 99.9 per cent over a 24 hour period and provides care homes, hospitals, nurseries, offices and even homes with not only a beautiful ambient light, but with that extra protection, making it the best way to help in keeping an area clean and safe as well as looking fantastic.

Just Shutters’ exclusive fire retardant window coverings, also a very attractive option for commercial properties, reduce flammability of fuels and delays combustion, which is vital in any public place such as restaurants, hotel lobbies, hospitals and reception areas. Without affecting the beautiful appearance and bespoke finish of the shutters, the fire retardant coating assists in the control of fire hazards caused by combustible materials and provides a first line defence against the spread of flame. The fire retardant coating also provides building owners and facility managers or employers with a comprehensive solution in protecting the occupants of their properties whilst providing a stylish and modern environment, especially in public areas and commercial properties.

All of the Plantation Shutters are a practical yet eye-catching addition to any room, providing beautiful ambient lighting and all come with an attractive unique lifetime guarantee. To find out more about the franchise opportunity please call 01202 233744 or visit our franchise opportunity page.