Best franchise

Best franchise

The best franchise – what makes a good franchise great?

In this article we look at what makes a good franchise great; we look at what makes a franchise the best in its field. Additionally, we look at what you, as a franchisee should expect from a great franchise like Just Shutters.

We believe Just Shutters offers the overall best franchise opportunity in the UK. Please call us on 01202 233744 or fill out the form on this page for our free downloadable brochure to find out more.

Best Franchise


1) The personal approach

We believe it is the people that turn a good franchise into a great franchise, and a great franchise into the best franchise. We have always taken a personal approach to our business, both with customers and when expanding through our franchise network. It is what has lead to over 7000 happy customers and the Just Shutters brand serving over 100 UK towns. Each customer and each franchisee is unique, each will have their own reasons for enquiring and it is our job to match their expectations with our service.

When it comes to buying into a franchise we understand it is a very big step. It is a jump, usually from employment, a military career or even from another business, so it can be a time of risk and uncertainty. It is our job to make sure we help our franchisees as much as possible to understand what we offer, to show real hard facts and figures to enable them to see what they can achieve, and make sure their values and future plans match with our opportunity.

2) The brand

When buying into a franchise you are buying into the brand ethos, reputation, affection, systems, marketing and identity. This is really important, think about starting your own business from scratch, would you want to be where the brand is right now? Look online, see what customers say, see what competitors say, see what Google says…

In this day and age more than ever, a brand reputation can be made and lost with customer reviews and word of mouth – word of mouth that stretches far and wide thanks to the digital era. What does the brand represent? Is it high end or mass market? Do you feel an affinity to it? And most importantly, can you sit in front of a customer and believe you are offering them the best?

With Just Shutters you are buying into a brand with a family history, a brand that has held on to its ‘local’ ethos, personal service and second-to-none reputation. Our franchisees benefit from our many hundreds of online reviews, our market leading brand and reputation.

3) The product

You want to make sure that you are getting the very best value from your product supplier and usually with a franchise the buying power, the relationships and credit options, mean you are far better off than if you were to approach the same industry alone.

Our buying power and lifetime guarantee mean that we can offer value and peace of mind. We offer the widest choice of materials and finishes in the market. So, when sat in front of a customer you can be 100% confident in our product and service.

4) The support and training

It has been found that second to cash flow, the most common reason for start-up businesses failing, is lack of mentorship in the field. With a franchise, with a great franchise, you will have the mentorship, the experience and support of the brand and other franchisees in the network, so whatever you need to know, you can pull on these resources and the franchise manager will always be there to keep you on track.

Again with training in any good franchise you will be trained to the brand standard, not only for your own benefit but to continue the same standard quality throughout a franchise network. With Just Shutters, whether you know a lot about Plantation Shutters or nothing at all, we give you the training you need to make sure you are an expert in the field, this includes selling, measuring and fitting, we will also help with the business and set up side of everything. This again comes back to the personalised approach we take to our franchising, if someone needs more help in sales, we will work to ensure you are strong and confident in this area, if you need more help learning about the product we train you with us, showing and guiding on the job until you are ready to work on your own.

5) The ‘Extras’

The extras are the things you would not be able to have if you set up shop on your own, things like bespoke systems, back office support and group marketing. The team that are already in place in a business are crucial to your success, when looking at a new franchise meet the people, ask questions and look at the extras you get as part of your franchise package.

For example at Just Shutters we have a fantastic system that captures leads from our website, our back office follows these through, books appointments in your diary and take your calls. Our experienced marketing manager launches your franchise, creates bespoke content for you on our websites and works with you to make the most of all possible marketing opportunities based on 10 years of industry knowledge.


Never be afraid to ask about the extras, knowing exactly what you get for your money is very important, some companies will sell you a ‘brand’ and a manual. We work with you to create a successful business, this is what takes us from being a good franchise, into what we believe is the best franchise opportunity in the UK. To find out more, please call us on 01202 233744 or fill in the form on the contact page for our brochure.