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franchise opportunity Leicestershire

Just Shutters offers the perfect franchise opportunity for a dynamic, entrepreneurial person in Leicestershire, looking to start his or her own business. As a van franchise it doesn’t matter if you live in Leicester, Hinkly, Loughborough or Melton Mowbury (or anywhere else in Leicestershire for that matter), we can work with you to create your own exclusive territory, to make the very most of the local business opportunities for you.

Leicestershire business opportunity

A Just Shutters franchise is more than just a start-up with our name on it! As well as benefiting from an established reputation trading history and systems that have lead other to achieve their business goals. Just Shutters will provide full training, a fantastic marketing package, website pages created just for you by our SEO expert, on-going support, use of all our bespoke systems, our head office functions (appointment booking, calendar services, brochure mailing, lead development), access to our stunningly branded vehicles, branded tools and sales kit. And much, much more, we provide the foundations you need to be up and running, on the road and making sales!

It is a well known fact that the two main reasons a start up business will fail are 1) cash flow, 2) lack of business support/planning and mentoring. With Just Shutters we have the trading history, we know what the projections are likely to be in your area through proving them time and again. We forecast and plan with you your unique goals and make a cash-flow strategy with you. We also take the support and mentoring side of our company franchising very seriously, while we have a model that works we have the personal input and flexibility you need; whether you are a seasoned shutter expert or never picked up a tape measure, a sales pro or a complete novice, we will give you the help you need in the areas you need it.

The financials

Detailed financial information can be shown at our meeting, we can also discuss your own expectations and goals for your business, however as a guide, this is a low investment franchise compared to many competitors; you will be looking to invest around £30,000 and will need around £7,500 in working capital.

We encourage all our franchisees to set their own goals and targets with us, based on their needs and wants from the business but as a guide you could expect to achieve a turnover of around £290,000 in year one and around £590,000 in year three. This is an uncapped opportunity for example our Dorset territory turns over well in excess of £1million a year.

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