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Franchising opportunity for people leaving the armed forces

Many ex-military personnel choose entrepreneurship when leaving the forces. We explore why franchising could be the perfect route.


Many of the skills you need in business are possessed by those leaving the forces; organisation, team management, work ethic, resilience, discipline, drive and ambition, to name but a few.


Franchise Opportunity for Ex Military

Franchising for those leaving the armed forces


For many, looking for a new direction steers them towards business as it is a challenge, a way to build something substantial now and for the future, and a way of taking charge and control of ones own destiny, rather than trying to fit in to a 9-5 job after the challenges of military life.


We just have to look at Fed-ex, Walmart, and closer to home Go Ape, to see successful examples of people starting their entrepreneurial journey when leaving the military.


Tristram Mayhew, who set up Go Ape, an outdoor activity company after serving six-and-a-half years in the Royal Dragoon Guards, told the Financial Times ‘Military training gets you used to being in charge in stressful and challenging situations’.


Why choose franchising


However it was the lack of initial support Mayhew found hardest when starting the company, he says ‘The biggest challenge was getting used to the lack of support and comaraderie that the military offers.’


Franchising is a way of getting into business and running your own company, while being supported by a network who have already made a success in the exact same business. It gives you all the benefits of being your own boss while being part of something a lot bigger.


With franchising you get to see the business up and running, look into the financial history of the company and be guided by those who have already been there and done it!


Investment and returns


When starting any business there will be up front costs – when starting from scratch these can be unknown – costs can escalate, especially when you are looking to start a website, marketing an unknown business and buying all the materials you may need to get yourself up and trading.


With a franchise there is a fee, each company will offer a slightly different package but you should be looking at the value the package offers compared to starting up alone. For example, the Just Shutters franchise has an up front fee, regions vary but start at £27,500, for this franchisees will have everything they need to start trading – training, a fully branded van (on hire), sales kit, bespoke web pages that are uniquely written for SEO (we have obtained the coveted top spot in Google for all our franchisees so far!) A fantastic marketing package, all company literature, use of all our systems; our telephone management, online booking and manual booking systems, not to mention the use of our existing well known and marketed name and incredible hard earned reputation and brand affection.


However good a business plan is at start up, until a company is trading it is almost impossible to predict. With a franchise you can look at hard evidence of the likely profits over time, these will be discussed at a meeting and can be very valuable in understanding how your business can grow and develop, and gives you opportunity to set your own goals based on the trading history.


A franchise can be the least risky way of starting a business and provide a great potential return on investment. If you are looking to place your own money in a business, franchising could be the way to go, also the banks are much more likely to lend on a franchise than on a start-up as the sad but true fact is 9/10 start ups fail, while 9/10 franchises succeed.


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